All Malaysian Council for Educational Advancement 

About us

The AMCEA was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn if nurtured with dedication.

AMCEA leadership includes ETA alumni and friends and aims to foster educational system in Malaysia in collaboration with educational advocacy groups in US and Malaysia


​Expenditure on education in Malaysia as percentage of total government expenditure has been as high as 5.7% compared with world average expenditure of 4.49%. Based on Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, government continues to invest heavily in education system in country and has allocated RM41.3 billion as its first measure to strengthen Malaysia's quality of education in 2016. An important component of this quality improvement measure would be devoted to increasing proficiency of Bahasa Malaysia and English. In first measure, 300 schools will begin a pilot project to increase English proficiency. The Dual Language Program and the Highly Immersive Program would also receive funding.

This blueprint aims to transform educational system to enable students to become the best global players. The ministry stressed in this blueprint that improvement in any education system depends largely on the quality of teachers. Upskilling of English Language Teachers (ProELT) program proved to help English language teachers where 90% of teachers with B1 proficiency and 40% of teachers with B2 proficiency improved by at least 1 band on the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR).

However, in rural population, teacher commitment towards the realization of goals of blueprint remains less than optimal especially due to lack of accountability and difficulty in implementing quality assessment programs in far flung areas of country. This may prove to be major stumbling block in implementation of goals of the blueprint, especially in poor areas of the country, when parents don’t realize the need for high quality education or have poor participation in education systems in local schools. In some of these schools, teacher attendance remains poor, which can adversely affect future of the new generations in the country.

The Ministry also acknowledged in the blueprint the valuable contributions of various stakeholders from international and local organizations in working with the Ministry to complement efforts towards enhancing student proficiency and teacher participation.

Hence, AMCEA is committed to fostering cause of improvement of education in Malaysia, especially in rural communities and in building bridges between US based support organizations and local schools in Malaysia. AMCEA works in collaboration with educational advocacy groups in Malaysia to strengthen ties between sponsors and educators both at home and abroad.